Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some progress...

Went to SnB today - we should have knit outdoors, it was a gorgeous day. The bookstore where we met had the AC cranked up - brr. But I suppose it was a good incentive to get back to some of those wooly projects I've avoided all summer, if only to keep warm.

Saw Lynne for the first time in a while - along with her lovely Vogue socks. Beautiful work, Lynne, I don't know how you crank them out so fast. This group has definitely dwindled over the summer :( Maybe we'll get some of 'em back now that it's getting colder. Or if abby's social life ever cools down :) (I'm just jealous LOL)

Turned the heel on one of dh's socks and got halfway through the heel of the second - progress!! I used a reinforcing thread on the heels this time, which turned out better than I expected, and if it extends the lives of those heels even a little it will have been well worth the effort.

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