Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just got back from SnB in the park - what a day! This is my kind of weather - sunny and just a little bit cool. I love fall. It was nice to get outside...and knit. I haven't had much time for either thing lately.

SnB was little (just abby and me) but good, just like Stitch's new family (non-parents, bear with me.) We got a lot done despite the menacing presence of screechy preteens. Rock on, abby :)

I made some progress on my heinous shrug project. Despite my gauge being "perfect" (hmph) the left sleeve ended up being way too long, so I deducted a few inches from the middle part, crossed my fingers, and started down the right sleeve. For most of this sleeve I have been convinced that I was going to end up with a giant-armed gorilla shrug...but when I cast off and tried it on for size, I found to my great relief that's it's not (terribly) too big. Now, I have to pick up and knit those 200 stitches' worth of ribbing, and some of those stitches will have to be worked into the increases (unless I want to lose 40 lbs and grow my arms an extra 3" apiece) and this is again causing some angst. Hopefully it won't come out all weird and wavy.

Hey Liz, thanks for visiting :) How ironic is it that I started my heinous shrug right after your lovely shrug design of the same brand started appearing in print ads??? Had I known...but let's face it, that boucle would have kicked my butt. I am not so good with the bumpy yarns, my needles go right through them. Clearly, I have more than enough trouble with smooth.

Now that I have a blog I need one of those finish-ometers to keep track of my projects. Any suggestions? And I really should do some kind of 'A-Long, n'est-ce pas?

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