Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boston Knit Out and Crochet 2006

I went to this today despite dire warnings from the Weather Channel. It ended up being a very warm and hazy day, a little sticky, maybe, but nice for late September.

The forecast probably affected the turnout a little, but there were still a ton of people and lots of stuff to look at. Given my current state of project overload, I did not buy anything, not even that cute little felted coin purse kit from Windsor Button Shop, but it was not for lack of alternatives!!

I definitely would have had more fun knitting had I gone with my SnB, but alas, no one else was up for the trek to the Big City. That's all right ladies, I grabbed you all a WEBS free shipping coupon anyway :) Hope y'all had fun today!!

Anyway, I was so flustered by the sight of all that yarn stuff that I apparently didn't take very many yarn pictures. (It was tough to get a yarn shot inside the tents anyway, they were pretty crowded.) Plus I am actually a total newbie to these things, which is why I was really, really excited about going. But here are a few shots I did manage to get.

This first shot is of about half of the crowd listening to some of the authors. The way the area was laid out I would have needed a wide angle lens to get the whole scene. There was a little bit of what sounded like a "fiber sermon" going on, so I tried not to listen too closely lest I become indoctrinated:


At the Blogger Cafe there was a log book for bloggers to sign in and get a little sticky badge to write their blog name on. This is apparently to up the odds of bumping into someone whose blog you've been reading:


Fiber Safaris! What will they think of next? Apparently you can sign up for their pre-planned fiber adventures, or book one of your own. For example, as the FS man told me, you might want to book an outing with the theme of "Best of Boston" and they would take you around to all those shops. I think part of why they were so busy was that they had a LOT of chocolate out on that table:


Spinners always seem to attract a lot of attention. There were some gorgeous wheels:


And this last shot sums up why you've just gotta love Boston: check out the SnB happening on the bench, utterly oblivious to their neighbor in the grass:

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All in all it was worth the trip. I really missed knitting with the girls but I picked up a lot of information, including a close-up look at some WIP cuff-down two-at-a-time socks, which got me considering the technique again. It was very cool to browse all the vendors (including my very own LYS, awww), though also very tempting! and I saw a few I definitely want to go visit. After I finish all those projects I have going, of course ;)

That's it - I can't believe I'm still awake, especially after yesterday! Back to the grind tomorrow...


witchypoo said...

Sorry I didn't make it in to Boston, but I did make it to Borders. It threatened to rain all day and looked pretty ominous at times. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Not sure how this will post...never posted to a blog before :) See you soon! Patrice

Lora said...

Hey there! I was at the Boston Knitout. I even see myself in one of your pictures...the one infront of the gazebo, or whatever that gal was calling it! LOL