Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Got up early this morning to stitch up one of the sleeves of the heinous shrug. I got halfway through the seaming of the second one when somehow the "sound" of me doing this roused the rest of the family from their slumbers. Needless to say I am still halfway through the sewing of the second sleeve. I will post some pictures soon.

On the bright side, earlier tonight I went to a fun knit group just north of here, where I told my tale of woe about the shrug and got some good suggestions for tightening up that floppy middle part where the ribbing will have to go into the increases. Thanks ladies, for that dose of common sense. I also learned a lot about speed dating, cyber dating, and heavily tatooed men. Hopefully I won't need to apply any of what I learned anytime soon, but if I do, at least I will be prepared. I did make some progress on dh's sock-u-lator socks (in this yarn, click on the sock picure, it's colorway 769.) I also busted a gut laughing. Those girls are a hoot.

And check this out - I must make came up when I searched on dh's sock yarn. Too cute!

Sorry, but I suddenly have a very small dog attached to my leg and some Pinot Noir that must be put to bed. TTFN :)

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