Friday, September 08, 2006

Knitted Bits, Part I

Well, I can't figure out how to do a sidebar with pictures so Im going to just post some of them here. I have this need to see all of my stuff in one place, but it's not going to happen today because I can't find all my pix (sniff,sob).

I'm not exactly sure why I care so much about this - maybe it's because I spend so much time knitting but lately can't seem to get anything finished... Anyway, this will be Part I.

PART I: Stuff I've finished and could find the picture of:

My knitting bag, prefelting, finished Jan 2006...

Hat and scarf, Suri Merino in celery green. I modified the patterns to accomodate the checkerboard motif. Finished April, 2006 (I think...) Looks a little washed out here but the color is actually pretty yummy.

The Charity Bears: SuperBear and SweaterBear - together at last, May, 2006 :)

Baby blankie for my newest cousin, June-ish 2006. I started it years ago and found it just when I needed it - just needed a little finishing.

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